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Citizen Endorsements

Dani is a parishioner at my church St Owen. She is a contributor in any way she can to the many charity events that we have. Always kind. She is the kind of person to elect to public office.

— Susan Potoczak

I'm in!

— Nicholas Schroeder

Can’t wait for Dani to be our first woman supervisor! — Sarah Miller

Please consider voting for Dani Walsh as the next Bloomfield supervisor. Google her video interviews that gives you a good idea why she is a viable candidate. Lots of positive ideas from her. 

— Mike Quinting

I'm encouraged and excited to hear Dani Walsh is running for the Supervisor position!

— Corey McClain

I'm a US Army OEF combat Veteran that's going to vote for Dani Walsh who exposed this mess to begin with. The way the current leadership at town meetings treated her and the residents, among a list of other things, is ridiculous. I hold zero party affiliation, but never voted for a Democrat in my life. The current leadership needs to be taught a lesson, and I hope she doesn't make me regret it!

— Craig Rathman

Dani is an amazing person! I know her on a personal level. She's a member of our church, a wonderful volunteer, and has done a lot for our community!

— Robyn Gilleran

Dani Walsh is dedicated to a more participatory and open process for communication and decision-making in Bloomfield Township. She has been a dedicated Trustee since being elected. She is ready for the next step. She has my full support.

Dani. you have my vote. The Township has seen far too much conflict at the Board level. I believe you are the right person to begin the healing process, to bring civility, cooperation, and compromise back to our local government. Your commitment to balancing the budget, financing the OPEB liability and controlling spending will make a real difference in restoring citizens' faith in Bloomfield Township government.

— Allen Wolf

I AM ENDORSING DANI WALSH FOR TOWNSHIP SUPERVISOR. Some of you may know that I decided to enter the race for Bloomfield Township Supervisor back in April. I was simply fed up with the leadership of this Township, Leo Savoie and Brian Kepes, complaining about financial problems in a wealthy community. Their answer is to put a millage to the voters. When voters strike down new millages, their solution is sell off land assets to private developers while boosting their own incomes and benefits. Meanwhile, BT has ZERO public space other than the Nature Center. Their next target is Pickering Farm – the Centennial Farm across from the Franklin Cider Mill. This farm is over 100 years old and they want to build CONDOS after tearing it down. What a wasted opportunity for the Township to finally get some public space in the community where people can gather and walk and enjoy the wildlife.
Thankfully, we have friend on the Township Board in Dani Walsh. She is also fed up with the Township leadership. She decided to run for Supervisor as well and I immediately thought, Thank goodness there is someone else who has experience and shares my values of community building, public space, and fiscal responsibility. So I’ve decided to step aside in the Township Supervisor race and ENDORSE DANI WALSH. It’s imperative that we focus our energy on defeating Leo Savoie. There’s no need to fight one another when we have a common goal. Unfortunately, my name will still be on the ballot for the August primary. Please do NOT vote for me. Instead, please vote for Dani Walsh.
A bit about Dani: She is on the zoning board of appeals for the Township and is doing everything she can to stop these new developments that are threatening to sell off the very little free space we have left. But she cannot do this alone. She needs US to step up and support her. There’s been great public outcry so far about Pickering Farm. Let’s keep it going. Dani is a lifelong resident of the Township. She’s been a Trustee for many years now and knows all the players. This is a time when we need measured, experienced leadership to manage the fiscal fiasco at Township hall. Currently, the books are withheld from the public view and only a budget is produced, which of course gives the appearance of detail, but is not substantively detailed at all. Why are they hiding the details from the taxpayers?? We all have a RIGHT to know and we are being denied.
It’s time to build a real community in the Township, complete with our OWN parks, our OWN nightlife, and our OWN control of our finances, not subject to the whims and pressures of developers. This is why I’m endorsing Dani Walsh for Township Supervisor. We can trust her to build Bloomfield Township into the financially stable, self-sufficient community we all deserve.
— Scott Nadeau

Dani leads with integrity and isn’t afraid of going against the grain to have the greatest voice for the citizens. Her leadership would be a fresh approach allowing the people of this community to have an opportunity to contribute toward decision making. — Lisa Pelley

I am proud to cast my vote for Dani Walsh for Supervisor this August and November. Dani has a proven record of fighting for fiscally responsible policies on the board of trustees and I have no doubt that she will be the best steward of our taxpayer dollars as supervisor. Dani has what it takes, and she is the best woman for the job. Join me in electing Dani Walsh to the office of Bloomfield Township Supervisor. — Nash Salami
Heather Napper
Amy Rabin
Craig Spangler
Nora Hutter
Gina Keller
Taryn Leib
Lindsay Baker
Debbie Rosenman
Lori Goldman
Chrissy Williams
Alyssa Silver
Lauren Kerman
Gretchen Hartwig
Peter & Alicia Smith
Walter Comer
Johanna Esshaki
Bill Reader
Wes & Mary Dietrich
Juliet Hentschel
Jameela Kallabat
Michelle Przybylski
Julie Gersuk
John Marshall
Melissa Price
Mihaela Cobb
Jen & Tom Keuten
April & Nathan Hardecki
Kari Paik
Jim Bellison
Karen Tesser

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